Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Is Blogging Dead?

As I was thinking about my lapsed blog this morning, I started reflecting on the way social media has evolved even since I started this blog three years ago. I don't subscribe to twitter, instagram, or really anything else other than Facebook and this blog (and Pinterest, but that was a short-lived spurt of enthusiasm/boredom on my part over a past Christmas break), but I have seen my generation become increasingly enthralled with sound bites and information bites. This enables us to think extremely quickly and assimilate large amounts of information together (or so we think), but we rarely have time to sit down an read an entire news article or blog post. Our attention span is shrinking rapidly, mine included. Thus, I was led to think about whether this idea of a personal blog is even relevant or useful anymore. Bloggers who post around a certain topic (e.g. fashion, cooking, or photography) I imagine are still popular, because the information they share is useful and interesting. But personal blogging? Perhaps not so much. Even I (shamefully) would sometimes rather just look at a small collection of Facebook photographs about a friend's recent trip than read an entire blog post.

What are your thoughts? Is personal blogging a thing of the past? If not, what are the keys to having a successful personal blog?

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