Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Welcomed vs. Safe

One of the things I have been musing on recently is the difference between feeling welcomed and feeling safe. I have found that with certain people, I can know that I am always welcome to be around them, but I do not feel safe to be myself in their presence. I always have an open door to their place, but then while there I find that my forays into being vulnerable and more open with them are met with impulsive responses that indicate my thoughts have not truly been heard.

This is an interesting dichotomy to me.

I know that not all friendships will be as close as others, but I would prefer that my heart not feel like it is being exposed to an abrasive north wind every time I interact. Relaxing in response to a welcoming fire but then throwing up wind shields soon thereafter gets tiresome rather quickly, and I have never really liked the cold...

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