Saturday, November 9, 2013

Once Upon a Time

My roommate enjoys watching the TV show "Once Upon a Time," and I occasionally poke my head in to join her. One of the episodes we watched recently involved a character trapped in a cage across a large chasm from their friends. To make the rescue, each friend had to share one of their deepest secrets with the group. The audience already knew some of the secrets, but not all of them. I stood there glued to the TV screen as characters admitted that they never felt they could love again until they met so-and-so, that they didn't want to face the pain of a restarting a relationship they thought was over, and that they had hidden a life-threatening disease from their spouse until it was cured. The moment was very poignant and powerful - the actors did a fantastic job. It made me think: what is it about knowing someone deeply that is so attractive to us as humans? Fighting battles is exciting too, but there is something about seeing people reveal the secrets of their hearts and then extend grace and love to each other in response that makes us yearn for the same. Opening your heart is risky, for sure, but there is no substitute for the kind of relational intimacy it brings. Although the presence of God is only truly safe place for hearts to be completely open, my hope is that my own life and presence would offer a little bit of the love and protection of God by always being a safe place for others to rest.

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