Thursday, August 2, 2012

Austin Photo Shoot

Last weekend, one of my friends from church mentioned that he was looking for photography models later in the afternoon. He is apprenticing with a professional photographer, and he wanted a chance to practice his model-posing skills. If you know anything about my personality, you know that I rarely pass up a chance to be in front of a camera lens. So, we headed out to a scenic shopping venue place in Austin. He came armed with an internet site on his smartphone containing sketches of pretty female poses. We would consult the sketches, pick one to try, play around with the pose until we hit on something we liked, then move to the next one. In previous photoshoots with other photographers, I have not been able to see the pictures until there is a major break in the shooting. In this case, my friend would let me take a look every couple of pictures, so I was able to make improvements in my pose right away. What follows are my personal favorites from the shoot - thanks goes to my friend for the free photoshoot and the permission to post these!

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