Monday, July 30, 2012

1000 pieces? Feels more like 1 million pieces!

This past year has been a lesson in flexibility, adaptability, and logistical dexterity. A friend even made the comment that my challenges have rivaled wedding plans in complexity! I'm not sure I would go quite that far, but he had a good point... Having six different people pass through a house in one year makes for more drama than I anticipated. As much as I tried, I learned that I would eventually be caught up in their personal drama to some extent at some point. It is inevitable when you have roommates. Thus, roommates can be a blessing, but it is also a challenge to interact with them all without conflict. They each have their individual joys and quirks. Putting us all together created a kaleidescope of personalities that was beautiful at times, fractured at others, but always constantly changing. I am glad to have lived with them all. However, as much as I love puzzles, I will also be glad to have a little less complication in my life this next year!

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