Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Chicago in a weekend - day 3

Day 3: fascinating architecture, zoo (rawr), and touristy Navy Pier

Our last day started with Stax Cafe, this time for the chocolate, peanut butter, and banana pancakes. Once again, I'm really not sure what Jeremy had because I was too focused on my own plate - chocolate and coffee tend to have that effect on me. We headed to the Chicago Zoo (free!!) with Aaron, passing many of the places we walked through yesterday. 

I didn't really believe all the hype about the Chicago architecture, thinking, "right, how cool can a bunch of buildings really be?" I was pleasantly surprised at being proven wrong! Walls that angled back and forth, patios designed to create a visual waterfall effect, an entire building of blue glass, a rounded cloverleaf building right by the lake, and stones from famous historical sites jammed into a front wall (Tribune Tower) were just some of the fascinating thing we saw.  I would love to go on an architecture tour next time we're in town.

Gotta get a picture by the famous Chicago Bean.
The zoo was nice, especially because it was free! I liked seeing some of the animals close up, including these two lionesses. I also got my first look at a full-sized gorilla - he came right up to the glass and struck a pose, solemnly surveying the crowd.

At the zoo with the Chicago skyline in the background. Yes, we were the tourists with our new Art Institute t-shirts, but I thought they were pretty fun!
Finally, we walked along the Navy Pier before heading to the airport. The Navy Pier has shops and a small amusement park as well as being the launching point for party boats and tours. The pier was busy because of the 4th of July, but we walked all the way down to the beer garden at the end before turning around. The water around the pier was bustling with ships and sailboats coming and going while jet skis zipped in between. I enjoyed being by the lake in the beautiful weather, but I would probably not go back to the pier unless I was attending a specific event there - not much to do besides walk around.

We stopped by Al's Beef to get a famous hot beef sandwich before heading to the airport. Getting the bun dipped in the meat juices is the way to go - yum!! All in all, a fantastic weekend in Chicago. Until next time!

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