Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Chicago in a weekend - day 1

Last weekend, my boyfriend Jeremy and I traipsed around Chicago for the first time, while Jeremy's best friend from college was our gracious host in the Little Italy area. Our big goals were to hit the Museum of Science and Industry, visit the Art Institute, eat good food, and "do city things," (as Jeremy put it). Well, we did it all, folks!

Day 1: Mini waffles for breakfast, a full-scale captured German submarine, and deep-dish pizza

On Saturday morning, Jeremy and I walked down the block to Stax Cafe, eager to start our adventures. The menu was overwhelming because everything looked so good (I mean, Nutella pancakes?? Why must you tempt me so?!). Aaron recommended the waffles, so I ordered an omelette with a side of mini waffles. They were cute AND delicious! Plus, the coffee beans were roasted by the local Intelligentsia Coffee company.

Mini waffles at Stax - so cute!
At the Museum of Science and Industry, my favorite exhibit was the U-505 - the first German submarine the United States ever captured intact during World War II. After a long chase and an intense battle, the Germans abandoned ship but planted booby traps and tried to scuttle the sub as they left. Several American men risked their lives to clamber inside the sub and turn valves, stop leaks, and un-jam the rudder so the sub could be successfully towed back to American waters. This capture was incredibly important because the US did not yet have submarine technology. Also, the US was able to keep the capture a secret for a long time, so the Germans did not change their transmissions or codes related to the subs. The MSI in Chicago holds the complete, restored, original U-505 stretched out in all it's glory, plus a great story about the chase and capture - very cool to see! The rest of the museum felt disjointed to me, to be honest. Some of the individual displays were interesting, but I was confused and/or underwhelmed about what I was supposed to be seeing and learning in many places. However, I felt the same way at the science museum in Corpus Christi, so maybe it's just me...

At the Museum of Science and Industry with the U-505 behind me.
Dinner was scintillating conversation with Aaron and Jeremy over deep-dish pizza at Peqods. The restaurant was tiny but HOPPING - welcome to the city! The crust was amazing, the experience sublime - what more can I say?

Deep-dish sausage and pepperoni pizza at Peqods.

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