Sunday, June 5, 2016

Touch and go in Austin

I am on my way to Colorado after a busy two days in Austin! I spent Saturday afternoon working in the lab (gotta keep the research rolling), and then it was date night with Jeremy: dinner at Barley Swine and ballet under the stars! Barley Swine has small, shareable plates, so we got to try chilled peach soup, deviled crab with zucchini (pictured), nee potatoes with peanut ranch sauce, gordita (pictured), and lamb leg with mango salsa. Chocolate bar sandwich with candied honeycomb for dessert, and we were satisfied!

The ballet was rained out right after we took our picture. We left while the crew was still valiantly trying to salvage the stage, but with the rain still coming down, there's only so much a squeegee can do! Better luck next time, ballerinas!

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