Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Module Options

I have been sent a detailed course list for my program, including instructors, course syllabuses, course objectives, and the like. I suppose they are avoiding making the first class day "syllabus day," but on second thought that tradition didn't make it past junior year of undergraduate, much less across the pond... In any case, I found the list very helpful and have several choices to make in the upcoming weeks. So, I would like some feedback from the peanut gallery. Here is the gauntlet:

Required Courses:
    Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering
    Molecular Aspects of Chemical Engineering
   Management of Technology and Innovation (which includes stints on finance and accounting, high-tech marketing, entrepreneurship, and management of technology)

Elective Core Chemical Engineering Courses:
    Colloid science
    Electrochemical engineering
    Fluid mechanics and the environment
    Modern metrology
    Particle technology
    Rheology and processing

Elective Engineering and Business Courses:
    Computational fluid dynamics
    Sustainable water engineering
    Nuclear materials
    Materials and processes for microsystems (MEMS)
    Sustainable development
    Sustainable energy
    Nuclear power engineering

    Technological innovation: research and practice
    Management of technology
    International business economics
    Strategic management
    Project management

I believe that I choose one core chemical engineering module and two elective modules for the Michaelmas Term, and three elective modules for the Lent Term (one or maybe two of which can be core chemical engineering courses). Unfortunately, not all of these courses are available at the same time, and each one is offered only once a year. So therefore, I must choose my pairings carefully. I have some ideas about which ones I will select (based on an evaluation of my of interests and NON-interests), but the chips have yet to fall completely into place.

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  1. "optimisation" lol, hope you are studying up on the Queen's English. those are some definitely unglamorous courses, at least by title. when is the sorting hat ceremony?